Things to Find in the Thrift Store

When you hear of a thrift store, does the image of a dirty, dingy, poorly lighted store with cheap goods come to mind? If so, that is a shame because thrift stores can be a great place to find good merchandise for a low price. Some thrift stores are fancy enough to rival the big name department stores with wide shopping aisles, glistening tile, and luxurious wall paintings and décor.

If you like to read, the book shelves have often provided people with excellent choices. You may be able to find a real treasure, as many people has recounted their tales of walking in a thrift store and walking out with a book that was worth hundreds of dollars. While finds like that are the anomalies, you should be able to find books that have been best-sellers at one time.

You can find office furniture for a good price in a thrift store. Many people have purchased their desks, chairs, file cabinets, conference tables, and many other pieces from one of these stores. You will be able to find unique lamps and other decorative pieces to complement your office amongst the shelf offerings if you take your time to look.

There is an art to thrift store shopping that is easy to master. The easiest way to get information is to be friendly to the sales staff. If you take time to get to know the staff and establish yourself as a regular customer, they will have no problem with telling you about new arrivals or watching out for a specific item for you.

Since each store carries different items, you should take time to visit as many stores in your area as possible. Try to become acquainted with one or two of the sales clerks at each store. This way, you are widening your net for a more impressive catch of unique and unusual finds.

Since a charity is the owner of the thrift store, you should try to find out more about the charity. Through your purchases, you are in effect supporting the causes they are supporting. You can use this information to determine if you want to increase or decrease your spending there to adjust your level of support.

Getting to know the sales staff has the added benefit of having some foreknowledge of sales and discounts. You might get a tip about an upcoming price cut on the item that you were thinking about purchasing today. More knowledge leads to more savings.

One caveat: Be careful when purchasing items such as jewelry, clothing, and sofas. Jewelry can have flimsy or stubborn clasps, clothing can have stains and holes, and sofas can have animal hair and fleas. Shopping at a thrift store can be a fun adventure that you may find yourself repeating often.

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