Making Passion A Successful Business

Pamela always had a fascination with thrift stores. She loved the fact that she could buy almost anything at a fraction of the cost and also the fact that she could find unique items. Pamela loved shopping in these types of stores so much that she went shopping a few days a week to see what it finds she could scout out.

The problem with her hobby was her husband did not appreciate all of the unnecessary shopping. Her shopping had gotten to a point that the extra bedroom in their home was full of all of her purchases. She had never done anything with what she bought. She just stored in the extra bedroom.

The problem had bothered her husband so much that he sat her down one evening and talk to her about why she had all of these items but just let them sit. Pamela really didn't have an answer for what she had done; she just knew that she needed to change.

It was time for Pamela to do some research to figure out what she could do with all of the items she had stored in her extra bedroom. She found some great advice online. Message boards were saying that using online auctions were a great way to sell stuff.

It took her a few minutes to figure out how to navigate throughout the auction sites. Once she got the hang of how the site worked it was time to open her new account, and start posting her merchandise. Pamela got really good at it, and was able to list over 100 items on her account. Pamela was truly hoping this idea would work. She also was hoping that her husband would be happy as well.

Getting into bed that night she wondered if she had made the right choice. She had all of these items that needed to sell, and she felt as though her items were not junk. She was hoping for at least something to sell, so her husband would be proud of her and start to relax. That night she hoped she had started something new that she could look forward to.

The next morning Pamela went to check her e-mail, and could not believe what she was looking at. Pamela had sold over half of her items listed. She could not believe that people had bought her merchandise. What sat in an extra bedroom was now making her money. She could not wait to call her husband and let him know the good news.

When Pamela wanders into thrift stores it is to purchase items for her online auction accounts. She is making a wonderful income by buying and selling items.

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