Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

For many people, October is specifically their favorite time of year because they can start to come up with all of the best Halloween costume ideas that they can think of. The best part of this time is just how creative people get. Whether you're simply attending a few Halloween parties, passing out candy, or maybe you're still brave enough to go trick-or-treating, here are some awesome ideas that you can implement into your next Halloween.

King Kong & The Empire State Building

One awesome idea that can be built and created completely from scratch is the Empire State Building. While this may be somewhat of a weird sounding costume, it's actually really awesome and is guaranteed to draw you tons of attention. Your family can also be utilized with this costume if they really want to. The first thing you need to do is make a simple hat out of cardboard that will act as the top of the building. Next, take a cardboard box that you can comfortably fit into and cut tiny windows out of it. For an even cooler effect, have a few Barbie dolls hanging out of the windows. Along with this, if you have a small child, dress them up as a baby gorilla. That way, when you carry them around, it looks like King Kong and the Empire State Building. Your spouse or other children can also participate by dressing up as planes and circling the building. As you can see, your whole family can join in on this costume.

Door Man

If you're working with a pretty limited budget but want to create something that everyone will enjoy, consider the door guy costume. To pull of this look, the only items you really need are some tight black clothes and a pair of sunglasses. After this, any extra objects are a bonus. For example, you can bring along one of those velvet ropes with the metal stands and a clipboard. Then you can manage your "guest list" and mess around with people!

Best Man Routine

Here is another great costume that is extremely low cost and almost always gets a laugh. Anywhere you can find one, pick up a suit that doesn't fit you. After this, unbutton your shirt a tad, mess up your hair, and loosen up your tie. Then you can walk around your party with a wine glass and make fake silly toasts.

If you're searching for some of the best Halloween costume ideas, here are just a few to get you started. All it takes is a little bit of thinking outside the box and you could have an awesome costume that better than anything you could typically find in a costume shop!

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