The Simplicity of Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun holiday for both children and parents alike. One is never to young to take part in the holiday. Parents even take the opportunity to involve their babies. Before leaving the house on Halloween night every baby needs a costume and what better way than in a DIY baby Halloween costume!

Many store carry a variety of Halloween costumes, even for babies. Store bought costumes are flashy and fun but also can be expensive. Spending hefty amounts of money on an item that is only going to be worn once is hard to justify. To alleviate the problem of over spending a good idea is to make your own costume.

Making your own baby Halloween costume not only save you money, it also allows you to be more creative with the theme creating an uniqueness store bought costumes won't have. Being a crafty parent or knowing how to use a sewing machine is not a requirement when it comes to Baby Halloween Costumes. The key is simplicity. These are little creatures that love to squrim, wiggle and roll.

Finding a themed t-shirt or body suit will create a simple and cost effective costume, as your baby can possibility where it again. Buying accessories for the costume will add to the look you are tyring to achieve. Finding a hat or pair of socks that is Halloween themed will pull together the simplest costume for a small price. Finding clothers or accessories that you already have and adding a Halloween twist to them will save your pocket book as well.

When it comes to Halloween costumes for babies, animal themes seem to be very popular. Monkeys, bears, lions and puppy dogs are among the most used. Trying to make your own monkey costume would definitely rate high on the difficulty scale. However, depending on your patience and creativity level you may be able to whip up this costume with much complicatedness.

Remembering the age of the baby will help in deciding what theme and type of costume you should make. When making your own costume you are able to customize the cosutme to your baby's size and mobility. Younger babies will need a more simple costume; where as the older babies can have costumes with more detail. The most important factor when making the costume is remembering to make it large enough to layer clothes underneath so you baby stays warm while trick or treating.

Making your own costume for your baby can be a rewarding experience. Having the freedom to choose the theme and making it your own special project take the stress away. Fearing it is not perfect shouldn't matter as it is your own orginal design. There be much satisfaction once the costume is complete and your little one has their very own costume made by you!

There is definitely more to Halloween then the ever so tasty and addictive candy. The costume without a doubt can be one of the most important, especially when it comes to babies since they can't eat the candy anyways! The ideas are endless when it comes to baby Halloween costumes, the ideas are endless. Making your own DIY baby costume will take your baby's costume to the next level and not only will you save money, but it will also save your baby looking like every other baby in the neighbourhood!

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