Fat Tuesday Costumes

Mardis Gras is right around the corner and if you plan to attend you will most likely be in need of some costume ideas. Where else except for Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday can you get wild and crazy with your attire? Whether you are looking for sexy, wacky, weird, or bizarre there are plenty of options available.

Despite the common perception, the majority of Mardi Gras is family oriented events and parades. It is true, however, that some people get extremely creative with daring costumes. Although Mardi Gras events last for several weeks, most people save the costuming for Fat Tuesday. If you are young and single, you will want to visit Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday. If you have small children, this is the one day I would suggest you explore other areas of New Orleans.

So what are your options when it comes to Mardi Gras costumes? One of the most common choices you will see is French Colonial outfits. With the steep French history associated with The Big Easy, it shouldn't come as a surprise that people revert to the dress of the late 1700s to early 1800s. If you go this route, don't forget to have a drink at Lafitte's Blacksmith, the oldest purported tavern in the United States.

Clowns are also extremely common during the reveling of Mardi Gras. The options here range from court jester styled costumes to mimes. Bourbon Street is known for its street performers that display their talents for tourists. These costumes can range from the simple to the elaborate, but don't forget to include your beaded necklaces.

Most people are familiar with the Voodoo history associated with New Orleans. A walk through the French Quarter will reveal several shops that hock the tools of this religion. These voodoo-style costumes, which are rooted in African culture, generally resemble more of the person's perception of the religion rather than mimicking the actual dress.

Pirates are another long-time tradition in Mardi Gras dress. Again, because of the city's history and relationship with the Gulf, these costumes have become a favorite of revelers. Tavern wenches and one-eyed scoundrels can be found with grogs in hand roaming Bourbon Street during the festivities.

And finally, we've all seen the pictures of the elaborately painted bodies that stretch our imaginations to the extreme. Although not nearly brave enough to ever consider this option, I must admit that I truly admire the artistic creativity of those that can use the human body as a canvas to create a costume from nothing.

There are no holds barred when it comes to costume ideas for Fat Tuesday. Select a costume that brings out your personal and individual creativity. Most of all have fun and top off your costume with a few strands of Mardis Gras beads.

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