Product Turnover at Thrift Stores

There are lots of different products available to thrift store shoppers. You can find vintage and retro items for a fraction of the cost you'd pay at traditional retailers. You must be ready to purchase the things you want when you see them, because the thrift store products usually have a fast turnover.

Different areas get donations at different times. A lot of people make their donations to thrift stores near the end of the calendar year in order to take advantage of tax write-offs. Other people make large donations in the spring when they do spring cleaning. By asking the thrift store staff and making observations, you can determine the best time of year for different items.

The location of the store also makes a difference in what kind of product turnover you see in the store. Stores that get a lot of traffic and sell a lot of items tend to have more product turnover than stores that are in a slower area of town. Being familiar with the area and how many shoppers that frequent the specific store, you can determine how frequently you need to visit the store to get the best items.

Thrift stores that are part of national chains are more likely to have frequently changing product, as they sometimes move products from one store to another to increase variety and sales. Standalone thrift stores are less likely to have rapid turnover of product.

Christmas is the obvious major shopping period for all stores, including thrift stores. Shopping for Christmas presents at thrift stores is a good way to get your presents for less than full price. Another popular time to shop at thrift stores is at Halloween, because they frequently have a large stock of used Halloween costumes, which are generally in excellent condition.

Expensive items are ideal items to shop for at thrift stores. Thrift stores generally have a large amount of bicycles and electronics and they sell them for less than they'd have cost at a traditional store. You can also purchase a large amount of clothes for a small price.

Some thrift stores have their more valuable items locked away and instead of placing them on the floor for general perusal by the public, they hold auctions once or twice a week, allowing them to get a larger dollar amount for their more popular items, such as newer electronics or collectibles.

Knowing the product turnover at your local thrift stores can help you shop at the optimal time for you to get the best items for the best prices. Talk to the employees to get insider tips on thrift store shopping.

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