Idea for Shrek and Fiona Costume

This past year, my husband came up with a great and cost effective costume idea for Halloween. Most of the time when I was growing up, I dressed as a ghost with an old sheet and eyeholes cut out. Sometimes I was a hobo wearing some of my Dad's old work clothes and my Mother's eyeliner drawn on my face as soot. Since I've become an adult, I've enjoyed a little more creativity in Halloween costumes.

My husband and I decided to go as Shrek and Fiona to this year's Halloween party. This costume was simple. It was also very cost effective. We purchased most of the items needed from Goodwill or the craft store. It was also the first time we ever won a costume contest.

To transform into Princess Fiona, at Goodwill I snagged a solid-colored green dress. To keep from having to paint my entire arms green, I also work a long-sleeved green shirt beneath the dress. I hot glued some inexpensive gold trim that I purchased at the craft store to the dress. This added some bling and gave it a princess appearance.

For Shrek's vest, my husband found a brown sweatshirt at Goodwill. I cut out the arms and neck, and spit the sweatshirt up the middle to form the vest. He found some rawhide string in his shop that I hot glued to each side of the vest front. He wore a simple white, long-sleeved, t-shirt under the vest. He found an inexpensive pair of brown lounge pants, and tied some rope around his mid-section.

To craft the ears for Shrek and Princess Fiona, I covered two head bands with green felt. I purchased one sheet of green foam board at a craft store and drew the shape of the ears on the board. Shrek's ears were longer with a narrower opening. Fiona had shorter ears with a wider opening. I cut the shapes out and rolled them with the two edges sealed with hot glue. I then glued the ears to the headbands.

To become the green ogres, I used green and white face paint mixed together to achieve the right shade of green. Each of our faces and necks were then covered with the face paint. Because we didn't want to get green on everything all evening, we didn't worry about painting our hands. As Fiona, I applied some bright red lipstick and glitter eye shadow.

The final touches involved picking up a crown at our local party store. I used an inexpensive tiara that was intended to be used as party favors for a child's birthday party. The tiara I found was silver, so I spray painted it gold, although the silver would have worked as well.

Shek, with grog in hand, and Princess Fiona were favorites at this year's Halloween party. The whole costume required little work, and also very little cost. My husband and I were easily transformed into Shek and Fiona with this simple, easy, costume idea.

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