6 Types of Costume Ideas

There is a wide variety of costumes for everyone to choose from. So, of course people are going to get overwhelmed trying to come up with costume ideas every year. Listed below are 6 different categories for you to help you come up with costume ideas.

Being a scary character of some sort is a very common costume choice. You have such a large selection to choose from. You may want to be Frankenstein, a skeleton, a witch, a vampire or any other scary character you can think of.

Transforming yourself into someone legendary like Dean Martin or President Obama are familiar and fun costume ideas. You can choose to be anyone that is well known and that you find to be iconic. Although there are so many choices within this category, you should really put some thought into it because not everyone may realize who your costume is representing. It will have to be someone who stands out from the crowd because of the way they dress or look. For example, Dean Martin was often seen wearing a suit, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a glass of whisky on the rocks.

A funny costume is a great choice for anyone trying to get a laugh out of people. This allows you to choose between dressing up as a person, a character or anything else that might get a laugh. It can be something as simple as being a hot dog or something as detailed as gathering two friends and becoming The Three Stooges.

Characters of the imagination can also a fun category to choose from. Men and women alike can easily choose from this category. You can be anything mythical like a pirate, a fairy, a wizard or even a Greek god . You can choose nearly any mythological creature from your favorite book or movie.

Fantasy like characters are a wonderful costume idea. It can be for men or women and there a lot of choices. You may choose to be a unicorn, bigfoot, a wizard or any of your favorite imaginary creatures from a movie or book.

Dressing up as an animal can be a great choice. A lot of animal costumes are widely available and they can be perfect for men or women. The choices in this category are never ending. Some of the most often seen animal costumes include gorillas, cats, dogs and rabbits.

Searching for costume ideas shouldn't be difficult. However, it should be fun. There are just so many choices made available. To start your search, try to find costumes you like within the 6 different categories listed above. Although you may also decide to choose between animated or even real characters from a movie or TV show too. The choice is all yours to make!

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